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AussieBum Underwear makes great Christmas or Birthday gift for males

aussiebum underwear modelWhen AussieBum rolled out with their new line of underwear that makes your bulge look bigger it was broadcast on all the major networks.  You would think that it was the hottest new Christmas gift or was part of the new Playstation 3.  Come to think of it – I think it would make a great Christmas present for any male who is gay or straight. 

I guess Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Unica, Joe Boxer, and many cannot compete with these sexier brands.  Even the Calvin Klein brand that started with Marky Mark magazine ads in Details and GQ Magazines has lost its sizzle.  AussieBum makes the undoubtedly the sexiest underwear with brands like Ginch Gonch not far behind. 

After the big media storm AussieBum’s website has been hit hard.  Today I even noticed the site was not responding.  AussieBum, based in Sydney, sold 50,000 pairs of their new “Wonderjock” underwear within seven days at  Americans and Europeans are all over this sexy underwear. 

Like many, I have been in the local retail store that sells underwear many times asking for briefs that have something that make your bulge stick out more.  This is not a new concept.  Its just that no one bothered to promote the bulge look even though the bulge is never out of fashion.  The more attention you can get to your bulge the more guys you can make friends with or bring home for a nightcap. 

The AussieBum Wonderjock briefs are not just your everyday tighty-whitey’s but they actually support your family jewels behind your magic stick to make it more noticeable of a package.  All the gay guys I know would love to have this as a Christmas present.  This also makes a great gift for any male that wants to feel ultra-sexy all day or even at a nightclub.

If you like the models in the Ginch Gonch underwear videos or on the Aussie bum website then you will enjoy seeing Zac Efron shirtless or the boys at some other online hottie sites.