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Brokeback Mountain up for Movie of the Year

You have seen it as top news stories across the US and Worldwide that the Brokeback Mountail movie this year is winning multiple awards and getting chosen out over its straight competiting movies by critics.  Heath Ledger stars in this hollywood romance about two cowboys that have to stay closeted for years.  Ang Lee's "Brokeback Mountain" is introducing movie audiences to what some in hollywood are calling a new genre: the gay cowboy flick.  Although, we have seen it before in the Trip.  

Brokeback Mountain has won three awards from the New York Film Critics Circle, putting the film in pole position for Golden Globe nominations.. The Cowboy romance from Ang Lee was named best film, with Lee picking up best director and Heath Ledger winning best actor. The controversial film has already been named the year's best film by critics in Los Angeles and Boston.

Brokeback Mountain Review (from a straight reader of HGW):

This is one of the movies we saw over the Christmas holiday.  The movie has been protrayed as a stupid silly couple of gay cowboys making out...nothing could be farther from the truth......I saw more sex in the first 10 minutes of the "Wedding Crashers".  Brokeback Mountain is about a couple of cowboys in the early 60's but it is also about two women, two fathers, a mother, children, etc.  Basically it is about life, love, hate, fear, sadness, happiness, friendship.  It does not promote any gay agenda like these extreme religious people are saying but it tells a story, a very interesting and realistic story with outstanding acting from everyone in the movie. It was by far the best movie I saw this holiday.

The only problem is where do you find this movie if you live in a city like Oklahoma City or Lubbock, TX?  We have put together a list of locations where Brokeback Mountain can be found besides in NYC, LA, and Chicago:

Silver Midtown Art Cinema 8

Regal Cinemas Arbor Cinemas @ Great Hills

Coolidge Corner Theatre 2
Loews Cineplex Harvard Square Cinema 5

Esquire 6
Landmark Century Centre Cinema 7
Cinearts 6
Yorktown 18

Avon Theatre
Garden Cinemas

Magnolia 5 - located in Uptown Dallas 214-520-0025
Angelika Film Center & Café - located next to Urban Outfitters in Dallas, 972-943-1340
Cinemark (The Legacy) 24, 972-665-2222

Mayan Theatre 3

Landmark Main Art Theatre

Ft. Lauderdale
Sunrise Cinemas Gateway 4

Landmark Theatres River Oaks 3

Los Angeles
Pacific's The Grove Stadium 14
ArcLight Hollywood at Sunset & Vine
AMC Century 15
Landmark's NuWilshire
Pacific's Galleria Stadium 16
Laemmle's Playhouse 7 Cinemas

Regal Cinemas South Beach Stadium 18

Lagoon Cinema 5
Uptown Theatre

New York City
AMC Empire 25
Loews Theatres Lincoln Square
UA Theatres East at 85th & 1st
Clearview Cinemas Chelsea Cinemas
Loews Theatres Village VII
BAM Rose Cinemas
Lesser Kew Gardens 5

New York Area
Cinema Arts Centre
Clearview Cinemas Clairidge Cinema 6
Clearview Cinemas Red Bank
Jacob Burns Film Center

Orange County
South Coast Village 3

Palm Springs
Cinema's Palme d'Or

Ritz 5
Ritz East 2
Ritz Sixteen

Harkins Theatres Camelview 5

Regal Cinemas Fox Tower Stadium 10

Santa Barbara

San Diego
Landmark Theatres Hillcrest 5
Landmark Theatres La Jolla Village 4

Landmark Theatres Egyptian
Landmark Theatres Harvard Exit

San Francisco
Embarcadero Center Cinema
UA Cine Stonestown 2

San Francisco Area
CineArts @ Mill Valley Sequoia
Century Cinemas at Del Monte Center
CineArts @ Pleasant Hill
CineArts at Santana Row 6
Rialto Cinemas Lakeside 5
Del Mar Theatre 3
Landmark's California Theatre 3
Landmark's Piedmont Theatre 3
Landmark's Aquarius Theatre 2
Camera Cinemas 7 @ The Pruneyard

St. Louis
Landmark Theatres Tivoli 3

Washington, DC
Loews Cineplex Dupont Circle 5
Landmark Theatres Bethesda Row Cinema