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Dale DaBone

Dale DaBone is not his real name as you might expect from a porn actor. He was born Dale Newton Rutter, though ‘rutting’ is what male deer do when they are fighting for sexual favours so his original name wasn’t far off the mark! He was born in January 1972 and to date has appeared in roughly 443 movies. That’s a hell of a lot of porn action for one guy. Particularly when you consider that he started his career as late as 1998, so doing the math I make that an average of 44 movies a year, which is almost one a week.

Admittedly some of the earlier movies were amateur ones but his appearance in ‘Carolina Girls’ was the one that caught the attention of West Coast porn producers and shortly after making it he moved to California to concentrate on a professional porn career. His first, major appearance was in ‘Taboo of Tarot’ in 1999 and since then… well the 400 + titles speak for themselves as far as his popularity and staying power goes. In 2003 he won the AVN Magazine porn award for Best Actor for his role in ‘Betrayed by Beauty’, a Vivid production.

Dale DaBone Rutter Myspace photo

Checking out a few more blogs and pages that have information about Dale I can tell you that he is six foot two and does a lot of working out. He doesn’t smoke or drink either but he does say that “All male talent use Viagra. Remember a lot of the guys are working three times a day and most of us have girlfriends we go home to and they expect every day.” I reckon Dale is straight, don’t you? Well, he is mad about motorbikes, plays the guitar and drums too so I’d say it was a dead cert that this hunk is straight.

Just to check I did a search at my usual DVD store and only found him listed in the straight section where there were nine pages of titles to his credit. Top of the popularity list came ‘All the way to China’ again from Vivid; a four hour compilation released in 2007 featuring non stop stud Dale and a host of gorgeous Asian beauties. Another compilation was second, ‘Award winning sex scenes’ from Vivid which is a large collection of the studio’s best scenes, many of which feature Dale.

I checked out some images through an image search to get a glimpse of this hard working stiff and found hundreds both adult rated, nude pics and face shots. His hair is greying nicely and dressed in a suit he has the look of a professional business man who just happens to be wearing an Armani suit over a totally defined body. Other photos show him in his earlier days with dark hair and a sultry look but when you find one of him naked you start to realise his appeal. A well toned butt, a great juicy cock and some nice tattoos. And yet he seems to come across as a really affable and friendly guy.

Now then, if you want to find out much more about Dale and see more photos then the good news is that he now has his own website up and running. is where you will find it and there is a gallery page where you can see him as a model, an actor, a biker and even as the man himself in personal shots from his ‘real’ life. This site, which looks like it is still being constructed, also links you to Dale’s MySpace page if you want to read his blog and get more personal, you will find it at but there is also contact information on his main website too.