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Austin Nightlife
by Sean Collins

What ever happened to the hot Austin scene?

There used to be the ever-so-popular Boyz Cellar and now its gone. Now even Sidekicks is 21 to enter. Why is there no club for 18 and up in Austin? Are the police buckling down on the capital of Texas?

This year marks the first year in a decade or so that we have had reports that Splash will be cancelled for Memorial Day Weekend. Last year the Brat party or Meltdown (sorry I get the names mixed up there are so many for this event) held on Memorial Day weekend in Austin was moved to a less expensive venue instead of Austin Music Hall for cutbacks. We certainly hope that Austin is not loosing its gay standing. It is certainly loosing its gay bars and clubs fast not to mention the biggest gay events of the year in Texas suddenly gone from Austin.

It's time to stand up and reclaim Austin. This city is one of the most beautiful artsy cities in Texas and should not be overlooked for a gay hotspot. Austin has hippie hollow and Lake Travis to brag about but where are the cool clubs besides the Element and straight clubs. Oil Can Harry's is nothing to get excited about that is for sure but they do have 18 to enter nights on Wednesdays now. There is also Charlie's a few blocks near the Capital so maybe it will turn into something.

Will the boats still be afloat on Memorial Day weekend? We are not sure but you can be we will find an excuse to be in Austin that weekend because its one of my favorite things to do each year. We dont have to have the party barges there to have a good time but we could for sure count on a decent club to goto after we burn at the lake but that will not happen in 2005.

UPDATE 2009- There is a new club in Austin now called Kiss and Fly it is a 21 and up club located off 4th street across from Spaghetti Warehouse and down the street from Oil Can Harry's and Rain on 4th.  Austin does have a great gay scene now since this article was written.  I guess someone listened!

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