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A1 Adult E-Books

A1 Adult E-books ( is something of a unique website. This is a place where anyone, over the age of 18, can visit, browse, buy and download erotic fiction. There are many such sites of course, but what makes this one different is the range of fiction it has available, and the fact that this is also a place where you can publish your own writing. The site carries a lot of adult titles within the BDSM and other fetish genres, it is mainly straight fiction though it also has gay and bisexual erotica, and it has a habit of keeping its prices low.

I took a wander around the bookstore the other day, to see exactly what went on and I was impressed with what I found. Once you've entered you find text rich pages. This can put some people off, all those words to read, but on a site like this it is a good thing to have so many descriptions and details. After all, you want to know what you are buying. There’s an impressive left menu with various libraries listed, erotica fetish, BDSM and ‘Special Libraries’ which also includes a healthy dose of free offers. There are also other links that take you over to a partner site for even more erotica of all sorts.

And then, when you find a title that interests you, or more likely a cover illustration that interests you, a simple click takes you to the details for that publication. This page includes a synopsis and very often an extract from the book too. This means you are able to see if you like the author’s style, if it’s been well written, and you can see if it’s going to be ‘your sort of thing.’ You are also told what formats the e-book is in, how much it costs, when it was published and what rating it has got from members.

Ah, membership? Yes, but it doesn’t cost you anything. It’s a quick registration process and once you have become a member you are one for life. There’s a newsletter to sign up to so you don’t miss any news, the site looks exactly the same when you’re signed in, and you get information about our account. You simply carry on browsing, but now you’re able to buy things and take advantage of the free offers.

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of titles in here, and as I said they cover all kinds of hot, sexy subjects. And the really neat thing is you too can join the erotic writing community. You simply need to write a book, or have one already written, and then you can submit it and be published online. As A1 Adult Books works in conjunction with Fiction 4 All, your reading matter, and your submission chances, increase. You will find links over to the other site in the menus and there are thousands more titles there. On both sites you’re able to add things to a simple shopping cart, you’re told the full amounts (including VAT etc.) at checkout, and you can download your books as soon as they’re paid for. Quick and easy, just as we like it. There are various readers in use, including Palm, Mobi, Word, PDF, MS Reader and Sony Reader, with a couple of other formats in there too, so no one should have a problem here. I was interested to see Word and even notepad (txt) formats in use – unless these versions are some how write protected they could easily be doctored, but I am sure the site knows what it is doing.

Actually I can say for certain that it knows what it is doing. It has been around for several years now – I first saw it in 2006 – and it has a huge stock, lots of choices, easy to follow instructions and it gets updated every day. So, whatever your fetish reading is, you’re probably going to find it over at A1 Adult Books.