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Anal Sex Positions

When thinking how I was going to approach this article I decided that the best way was

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probably to come up with a list. I haven’t tried all of these myself so can’t vouch for them but you may like to print this off and then, next time you and your partner feel like experimenting, you can work your way down and award yourselves marks out of ten for style, presentation and ability. First though a word of warning: when practicing anal sex always use a condom as there is a risk of infection and not just from HIV. Have a good douche out and get him to slip on the rubber, that’s all the warm up you need. The following ‘names’ are a mix of well known ones and my own made up ones.

Doggie style: This tends to tighten the anus so it’s not recommended for virgins. Get on your knees and let the guy behind do all the work as you study the carpet, or bed sheets. You also get a good handle on your own cock in this position.

Missionary front: The standard position which is probably the best for beginners as it allows the bottom guy to fully relax and makes penetration easier. Simply lie on your front and open your legs. Your partner can then lie over you, wrap his arms around you and you will both feel like one person. It’s very close contact but make sure your top takes some of his weight on his elbows or your breathing might be constrained.

Missionary back 1: Lie on your back and lift your legs and, if you can, get your knees near to your ears. Your ass is fully exposed, your partner can see what he is doing and he can grip your legs for his and your support.

Missionary back 2: Only for the gymnasts this one. Start as in the Missionary Back 1 position and then get your feet right over your head so your toes are almost on the floor. You partner then enters from a standing position pointing his cock down, or with his toes on the floor and his hands on the floor by your head. It’s a bit like a game of Twister gone wrong and be careful of your neck!

Sit on it: Your top guy becomes your bottom guy as he lies on his back with his dick in the air and you basically take a seat. You can do this facing him so he can jerk you at the same time, or facing away so he gets a good view of his cock slipping into your ass. Many people think this is good for beginners as the receiving guy can control things but the position actually tightens the asshole so watch out.

A bit on the side: This is a good starter option. Lie on your side and let your partner enter you as he also lies on his side. You will find it easier to relax like this and he can wrap his arms tenderly around you too.

Standing: Just like it sounds really, you stand with your legs apart and your man enters you from under and up. This works best if you are shorter and lighter than he is as he can then lift you from the floor with his mighty cock. It also works well in front of a mirror so you can watch yourself at the same time.

With all of these positions it is always a good idea to start slowly: Remember that your ass was designed as an exit and not as an entrance. But play safe, enjoy it, respect someone’s right to ask you to pull out and then you can go on to invent as many new positions as you can. Oh, and once you’ve got the hang, it can be great exercise too. Have fun!

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