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Gays Lead Non-Gays In Internet Use for Access to Political News

According to a new national online survey of adults, results show that gays, lesbians and bisexuals (GLB) use the Internet more for access to political news and updates than heterosexuals (16% to 6%).

Both GLBs and heterosexuals ranked “staying connected with friends and family” (53% to 52%) and seeking “general news and information” (41% to 38%) as their top two activities on the Internet. In a recent national survey finding gays are more often influenced by online advertising than heterosexuals, and they are more likely to use gay-specific websites for travel reservations as well.

GLB adults prefer different methods for making hotel reservations for personal travel. Although gays and heterosexuals each ranked “a mainstream travel-related website” as their top booking method (33% and 25%, respectively), “a gay and lesbian website where you can make travel plans” was ranked second among GLB respondents (15%), and a “hotel’s toll-free telephone number” was the second-favored choice by non-gays (21%).

These are a few highlights of a nationwide survey of 3,698 adults who of whom just over six percent self-identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. The survey was conducted online between March 18 and 29, 2004 by Harris Interactive®, a worldwide market research and consulting firm, in conjunction with Witeck-Combs Communications, Inc., a strategic public relations and marketing communications firm with special expertise in the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender market.

According to the survey, GLB adults demonstrated other differences in their online behavior. GLBs use the Internet slightly more that heterosexuals (22% to 17%) for purchasing consumer products online, but heterosexuals are more likely to use the Internet for hobbies, games and entertainment (35% to 21%).

In another interesting finding, four out of ten (42%) gays agreed that advertisements they read online have influenced their purchasing decisions for one product or service over another, while 35% of heterosexual respondents agreed that online advertising had similar influence.

“These findings on the online behavior of gays, lesbians and bisexuals give a new perspective to previous Harris Interactive/Witeck-Combs Communications surveys, which have taught us that GLB people are brand loyal and heavy online users, and that they trust gay-specific tailored outreach when making their purchasing decisions,” said Jake Stafford, Senior Communications and Marketing Strategist for Witeck-Combs Communications.


“The Internet is used by many people for different needs and personal interests. Please tell us the top two activities for which you most use the Internet.”

Total GLB Heterosexual Activities in order:
1. Staying connected with friends and family 52 53 52
2. General news and information 37 41 38
3. Hobbies, games and entertainment 35 21 35
4. Buying consumer products and services 17 22 17
5. Learning about consumer products and services 14 9 15
6. Taking polls 14 11 14
7. Political news and updates 7 16 6
8. Meeting others for dating 2 6 2
9. Local community events and activities 2 5 2
10. Other 15 14 15
11. None 2 - 1


“To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: Advertisements that I read online influence my purchasing decisions for one product or service over another?”

Total GLB Heterosexual
Agree (Net) 36 42 35
Strongly agree 4 2 4
Somewhat agree 32 40 31
Disagree (Net) 64 58 65
Somewhat disagree 29 25 30
Strongly disagree 35 33 35


“When making your hotel reservations for personal travel, what method to book your accommodations do you most often use?”

Total GLB Heterosexual
A mainstream travel-related websites (i.e. Orbitz, Expedia, Travelocity) 25 33 25
Hotel’s toll-free telephone number 20 12 21
The hotel’s official website 16 14 17
Travel agent 7 2 7
Do it myself/Call myself 2 1 2
Travel coordinator at my place of work 1 1 1
Yellow pages/find one when I get there 1 * 1
A gay and lesbian website where I can make travel plans (i.e.,, 1 15 -
Friends/relatives/personal experience 1 - 1
AAA/travel club * * *
I do my research/Internet/travel mags, etc. * * *
Through timeshare * - *
Depends * - *
Through airline * - *
Don’t travel/don’t stay in hotels * - *
Other 1 1 1
None 25 21 24
NA * - *
* Less than 0.5%

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