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Gay Film Reviews: The Trip


gay film review - the trip

This is very rare for an indie gay film to reach such a large audience and it is due in part to the fact that the film has crossover appeal with Alexis Arquette, Jill St. John, Julie Brown and others.

This film tells the innocent love story of two men set against the backdrop of the modern gay civil rights struggle. Furthermore, the film shows a beautiful and understanding mother played by Jill. St. John (every gay man’s dream mother!) The film has been called a "G-Rated Disney Gay Film"

From polyester to parachute pants, THE TRIP is the hilarious but bittersweet
story of a long-term romance between two gorgeous young men. It is a gentle farce about the foibles of relationships and a sweeping chronicle of the turbulent early days of the modern gay rights movement.

This on-again-off-again love story unfolds against two remarkable decades of gay history. The Trip begins in 1973 Los Angeles, a time when its two college-age protagonists couldn't be further apart. Tommy Ballenger is a "radical homosexual" activist and Alan Oakley is a "straight" diehard Nixon Republican. When the scheming actions of a closet-case mogul and Anita Bryant bring things to a head, it's hard to see how truelove can survive. After being separated until 1984, the two are reunited on a cross-country road trip but the Federales are hot on their trail.

The Trip with Miles Swain is now on DVD Order Now!

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