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Young Gay Married Couple

A beautiful example of how young love can help the gay marriage cause for youth. Oh, and did I mention these young men can sing? See more of Jason and deMarco on


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Houston Protests Proposition 8 and Revs up momentum for Gay Rights

jason and demarco

Jason Warner and deMarco DeCiccio the members of an openly gay Christian musical duo were some of the headliners we saw today at the protest in Houston for California's Proposition 8. There were many great speakers in the community showing their face including Reverends who felt that black churches and Mormon churches did wrong in putting money towards the passing of Proposition 8. Moms from PFLAG spoke up and you saw many great peoplefrom the gay community in Houston.

gay friendly reverends speak out

We could have not picked a better city to attend a protest than Houston for gay rights this year. Houston should be very proud of its gays and lesbians for all getting together and listening to speakers about their future. Young, old, black, white, hispanic, religious, straight, and every type of person came out for this event. Mixed with so many great speeches.

lesbian married couple

One speech that really stood out was two lesbians who got married on their 2nd anniversary of being together. She came to the podium crying and had an incredible story to tell that I wished I would have caught on video. She also said that she could not believe with a bad economy that Mormon churches would pour millions into hate instead of helping the poor or something more Christian-like.

gays protest city hall

Notice some of the signs for gay rights at the event including some signs that said "we are not responsible for your bad marriage" and "1187 denied rights" from not having marriage rights.

1187 denied rights marriage

See more photos of the gay marriage rally.