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Playgirl Cover's Levi Johnston who else...

Playgirl – who is on the cover this month?

Actually, it’s more like: who has been on the cover of Playgirl? This is a magazine that appeals to women and gay men alike – and I like to think that it appeals so some curious straight men too, but maybe that’s just me. You've probably heard of it and may even have seen a copy or two. Apart from its articles, editorials and stories, you get a good supply of beefy guys, usually with impossibly hard cocks, in sensuous surroundings, doing nothing much more than striping and getting their cocks out – not meaning to belittle what is one of our top magazines. It’s not hardcore, but it is classy. And, just like being the Vogue cover girl of the month, many guys would love to be a Playgirl front cover man. But who has actually reached that dizzy height?

I went over to their site to take a look and see if I could find out, I wanted to see if there were any surprises. And here’s what I discovered.

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After getting rid of an annoying pop-up advertisement (you’d think someone as tops as Playgirl wouldn't have them) I found a link that let me into the tour. There was a page of covers so I explored that and found 24 covers dating from 2006. Here were the kinds of guys I expected, muscled chests, tight stomachs, sexy poses and Aerosmith… Hm. Well Steven was the only guy I recognised. Then I hit on another idea and searched around more fully – this collection of 24 was only showing some of the covers from the magazine. So I got my web-spade out and started digging.

Brad Pitt, that’s more like it! Mind you it was back in 1997 so I had to dig around a lot to find it. But this was an accidental cover – well, there were photos of Brad naked ‘I was engaged in some naked callisthenics…’ while on holiday with Gwyneth Paltrow, photos which we’ve probably all seen by now.

Hats off and nappies on for David Duchovny, also in 1997, where he posed (on purpose) for the cover wearing a strange nappy thing. In his interview he didn’t really explain about the nappy but did say he didn’t mind doing frontal shots in his movies – so why not on the exclusive Playgirl cover?

There was another of those ‘accidental’ covers in 2003 when model/actor/R&B artist Tyrese appeared on the front cover without knowing it. He said, in an interview, that he knew nothing about it. He’d been a model for years and had done some nude work so why they didn’t they use one of those shots? Instead they put him only topless; why is anyone’s guess – mind you the topless cover is still a good one.

Keith Urban (who later married Nicole Kidman) posed for the cover in 2001, posing with his guitar placed in a strategic position. A little dull if you ask me. Other guys, such as Scott Bakula, did a similarly tame shoot for his, black cardigan and pants kept firmly on – which is no fun at all. Other party poopers include Mario Lopez and Brad Paisley, both of whom turned down a cover appearance and dear old Donny Osmond has said ‘no’ on several occasions, bless.

But we don’t miss them. What we do miss, back on the Playgirl website, are any really big names showing off their chests on the recent sample covers. Well, reality TV star Madison Hilderbrand  is there in white briefs, and we can’t overlook Marcus Patrick from CSI… oh, I think he’s inside and the cover boy – with the big cock – is actually someone else…

It’s all getting too much for me. It’s all very well exploring Playgirl to see if I recognize anyone, but all I want to do now is log into the site and see some really naked flesh. This month it is all about Levi Johnston who is all studly looking but not bareing it all like we wanted.  He is on the cover was paid in a celebrity fashion to strut his stuff inside but never showed his dick off to his fans or admirers.